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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ich bin ein Frankfurter

LOCATION: Garibaldi, Kleine Hochstrasse 4, Frankfurt, Germany
FOOD: Tagliolini with lobster
DRINK: San Pellegrino sparkling water
WE THINK: Finding an attractive place to dine in the shopping area surrounding Grosse Bockenheimerstrasse in Frankfurt is a considerable challenge.  Al fresco dining at Garibaldi seemed to be our best bet on this Wednesday evening. After some gooey focaccia bread and an uninspiring salad, the lobster tagliolini which arrived was a pleasant surprise. While we doubt the lobster was alive when cooked, it was well prepared and very springy and juicy. The tomato-based sauce was a zesty yet subtle companion and the tagliolini, although a bit well-done to be truly al dente by Italian standards, was fresh and tasty. We would be crazy to recommend a detour to Frankfurt for the sake of Garibaldi's Italian cooking, but should you get stuck in central Frankfurt on an empty stomach, this is a pretty safe choice.

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