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Monday, June 14, 2010

Who nan? Hunan

Tender beancurd with preserved duck eggs and prawn

Cold stir-fried potato slices in chilli

Pig's trotter skin with chilli and coriander

Pounded aubergines in sesame, chilli and garlic sauce
LOCATION: Ba Shan, 24 Romilly Street, SOHO, London
CATEGORY: Sichuan / Hunan (Chinese)
DRINK: Jasmine tea
WE THINK: Where did all the snacks go? Ba Shan used to be dedicated to serving up bite-sized (and massively overpriced) Sichuanese snacks. Nowadays the concept has changed and Ba Shan serves a mix of 'normal' (but still pretty small and overprized) Hunanese and Sichuanese dishes. The upside is that you get slightly more food for your money, which we think is a good thing as long as it's still yummy. Which it was. Beware of the garlic though as you're likely to have it evaporating from your pores for a good 24 hours after a visit. We thought the potatoes were best with the pigs trotters skin taking a second place. The beancurd had a perfect texture but was too salty and although the aubergines were tasty, they became a bit boring half-way through and that's why we did something very unusual and left without eating up.

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