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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goodge Street Feast

LOCATION: Sanxia Renjia Restaurant, Goodge Street, London, W1
CATEGORY: regional Chinese cuisine
FOOD: Lunch, Chinese
1. 'Tiger salad' (lao hu cai) - Northeast Chinese spicy salad with pressed tofu, coriander, cucumber and red chillies
2. Liang pi cold noodle salad (not on menu) - Shaanxi style cold noodle salad with julienne cucumbers, coriander and minced pork tossed in a sesame/vinegar/chili sauce.
DRINK: Green tea
WE THINK: This oddly located and unpretentious joint is the real deal for cheap, regional Chinese cuisine. The tiger salad was the best we have tried so far in London and the cold noodles, not even on the menu, were freshly made from scratch and well worth the half-hour preparation time. Only issue was the amount of MSG dumped in the food - we'll ask the chef to sprinkle it less liberally next time.
OUR TIP: order from the Chinese menu! Even if you don't understand what is written you are likely to get a far better meal by picking random items than by trying your luck with the sweet'n sour black bean chop suey crispy duck pancake bonanza on the English menu.

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