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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cha cha cha! ya ya ya!

Singapore char kway teow
Yellow curry lamb
Chinese basil calamari
Crispy duck lao mian
Soft-shell crab vermicelli
Szechuan wonton
Spring onion pancake

LOCATION: Cha Cha Moon, Ganton Street, London, W1
DRINK: 'Wha lulu' juice (Carrot, rose water, ginger, orange) (and some other less nice juices)
WE THINK: Long gone are the days when all dishes at Cha Cha Moon were £3.50 each. With most dishes coming in at twice the price, this is no longer a 'lets splash out and order everything on the menu - it's cheap as chips' type place, but the food is still tasty and overall a far better deal than cousin Wagamama. And on the upside, we (almost) managed to contain ourselves and (almost) didn't order too much food. Our favourites were the yellow curry, crispy duck lao mian and szechuan wonton. And the loos are fancy with those funny wash basins that are flat and look cool but splash water all over you. We think we'll be back for seconds.

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