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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

J'aime udon

LOCATION: Kunitoraya, 39 Rue Sainte Anne, Paris
CATEGORY: Japanese, Udon
1. Tenzaru Udon
2. Komachi Udon
3. Tonkatsu
(...and some small starters and more tempura)
DRINK: Paris' finest tap water
WE THINK: This is the real deal for udon in Paris. Literally. There's a sticker on the door certifying this to be the case, distinguishing Kunitoraya from the many Korean/Chinese 'pirate' Japanese restaurants in Paris. We sat at the counter which sort of made us feel like we were in the way in someone's slightly too small and crowded kitchen, but it's the place to sit if you want to appreciate all the hard work that goes into cooking perfect udon noodles. Although all our food was cooked to a high standard, the zaru udon was the highlight - simple and yummy. Think a messier and less sophisticated version of our London favourite, Koya.
OUR TIP: Avoid the long queues of Japanese expats and tourists by hitting Kunitoraya for a weekday late lunch.

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