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Friday, August 20, 2010

Rats like noodles too! (they do)

The liangpi food stall
Preparing liangpi
The finished product: cold noodles with peanut, beansprouts, cucumber, gluten
Al fresco dining
LOCATION: A dirty alley in Shanghai (somewhere around Wuchang road)
CATEGORY: Chinese, Street food
WE THINK: You don't have to eat liangpi noodles in a dirty alley (like this one) in a Chinese metropolis, but we've discovered that they generally taste better if you do, and they can prove hard to track down elsewhere. So... although we could have brought back our favourite cold noodles (ubiquitously served in a plastic bag inside a styrofoam box) to our air-conditioned hotel room, sitting al fresco on a sticky plastic stool in 35C degrees heat next to Chinese topless men (not shown in photo) somehow seemed like the better option. yum. yum. yum. We could eat this every day.

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