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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oooh la la, tapas so tasty

In this photo: plate with sausage and cured ham (ham already eaten),
rillettes of fish, sardines in butter
Rillettes of chorizo with side of fresh corn and pomegranate
Pan-fried sardines with butter
Pork tenderloin with sea grass and red cabbage
LOCATION: Aux Deux Amis, 45, rue Oberkampf 75011 Paris
CATEGORY: Tapas, French
DRINK: Cider from the tap, a very tasty white Anjou and some other delicious, natural white wines (so many we forgot to take notes).
WE THINK: As soon as we entered this cool and happy neighbourhood tapas bar, opened by former Chateaubriand waiters, we forgot all about our blog and therefore present you with the above pictures of half-eaten food. We think we might have fallen in love with this place...but don't tell anyone...or at least not everyone. Favourites? Hard to say, but the sardines and pork tenderloin almost made us cry.

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