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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The hunt for the perfect kebab...(the Copenhagen run)

The hunt: We love kebabs and are self-proclaimed connoisseurs when it comes to the 'döner' variation. Of all the non-Middle Eastern cities we have sampled döner kebabs in, Copenhagen has proved to be quite the dark horse, boasting a mind-boggling number of truly excellent kebab shops per capita. The 3 shops shortlisted for this instalment of 'the hunt for the perfect kebab' are by no means the only good ones in Denmark, though there's no two ways about the winner - it's simply the best. 

In third place...

There's no time like 11.20 pm to have your kebab
5 stars!
It's pretty here
It's the one on the left (chicken on the right)

LOCATION: Sofra, Noerrebrogade 98, Copenhagen, Denmark
WE THINK: Of the 3 kebabs shortlisted for this run, Sofra's came in third. The meat was tasty but not as good as the other 2. Salad mix was a bit bland. Chilli sauce decent but could be spicier. second place...
Also 5 stars!
It's the one on the right (chicken on the left)

LOCATION: Konya Kebab, Istedgade, Copenhagen, Denmark
WE THINK: We like the meat at Konya, as well as the addition of sumak and Italian parsley to the salad mix which, however, could do with a bit more chopping. Chilli sauce and garlic dressing both tasty.

...and the WINNER!!!

Stainless steel table for atmosphere

This guy cracks painful, unfunny jokes... but it's a small price to pay for a piece of heaven
Chilli from the bowl is a must
With and without homemade chilli dressing (chilli from the bowl not yet applied)
LOCATION: "Kebaben i Holmegaardscentret", aka "Kokkedal-kebaben", Højengen 8, Kokkedal, Denmark (30 minutes North of Copenhagen)
WE THINK: This is without a doubt the best kebab shop (and, we are told, the oldest) in Denmark. The meat is excellent (secret is that it is left to drain for a few minutes after being shaved off the döner, making it less fatty and giving it a nice texture), the homemade chilli dressing and the "chilli oil from the bowl" are truly special and the pita bread is heated so it is ever-so-slightly crispy on the outside whilst still soft and warm on the inside. The addition of cucumbers (deemed too expensive at the majority of Danish kebab shops) makes for perfection. We love you, Kokkedal-kebab!

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