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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Juan in a million...

(This is not a prison)
Tortilla chips and hot sauce
"DON JUAN" - El Taco Grande ($3.80!)
Potato, egg, bacon and cheese with hot corn tortillas

LOCATION: Juan In A Million, Austin, Texas
DRINK: Coca Cola and coffee
WE THINK: When in Texas, eat like the Texans. Start your day with a healthy serving of chips and hot sauce, followed by a gigantic portion of potato-egg-bacon-cheese-tortillas (we guess around 9 eggs). And pay $3.80. Definitely alright!


  1. Transformer C,I would like to know how you stay in shape? Eating all those eggs, chips and kebabs? How/why are you not chubby? Are you bulimic or is it just your genes being bonke(rs)?

    ps could you please do some smørrebrød sampling?Copenhagen-tourists need to know where to eat these babies.Thanks

  2. Hi Saki
    Secret: Getting excited about food burns calories - wearing muu muus hides the gut.
    Good idea about the smørrebrød - will do some sampling later this month. Thanks for following our blog!


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