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Monday, November 29, 2010

I EAT EVERYWHERE goes to Tivoli

Salted cod with pickled and burnt cucumber,
fish consommé, dill and crispy cod skin 
Juniper marinated beef sirloin with chervil mayo,
onions, chestnuts and horseradish 
Chicken with roasted root vegetables and jerusalem artichoke puree 
White chocolate parfait, sheep yoghurt and frozen dill aquavit
LOCATION: Nimb Brasserie, Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark
CATEGORY: Modern Danish, Nordic cuisine
DRINK: NV Claude Cazals champagne and 2008 Savigny les Beaune, Les Gollards, Dom. de Chassorney
WE THINK: Very reasonably priced prix fixe dinner enjoyed along with unobstructed views of the Tivoli Gardens and the entirely open kitchen swarming with very handsome Danish chefs. Our palates struggled with the white chocolate parfait but were very pleased with the first three courses. Tak for mad!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

We Do Dosas

We love the cigar box interior
Photos from Kerala and chandelier for atmosphere
Potato baji (deep-fried potato and chicpeas)
Chilli idly (steamed rice cake with chilli)
(rice and lentil pancake with tomato, curry leaves, chillies, onion and capsicum)
Masala Dosa (£2.49!!!!)
(crispy pancake made from rice and lentil filled with potato masala)
The sad-looking but tasty insides of a masala dosa
Okra with onion and tomato
LOCATION: Dosa World, 46 Hanbury Street, London
CATEGORY: Indian, South Indian
DRINK: Fresh orange juice
WE THINK: With delicious masala dosas at £2.49 this has to be one of the best-value restaurants in London and a welcome addition to the army of uninspiring Indian restaurants on Brick Lane. Add very courteous service in peaceful surroundings that look like the inside of a sauna and we'll happily forget about the rather dry and chewy idlys.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spicy duck and steamed fish

GIANT sign makes it easy to find
Spicy and sour sliced potatoes
Fresh cucumber slices with ginger and coriander
'Grandma-style' stir fried chicken cubes
Pickled radish
Cold marinated beef
Xiangxi style dry pot duck flavoured with baby ginger
Stir fried morning glory with garlic
Steamed sea bass with ginger and spring onions
Chrysanthemum tea - how pretty!
LOCATION: Golden Day, Soho, London
CATEGORY: Chinese, Hunanese
DRINK: Crysanthemum tea, tap water
WE THINK: Late Sunday afternoon munching session at yet another recent addition to the regional Chinese restaurant scene in London. We love Hunan cuisine but apart from the dry pot with duck (yum yum) we got slightly carried away with ordering non strictly-Hunanese dishes such as the delicious steamed sea bass and potato (no regrets). Going back? Yes, we're not opposed to that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wright delight!

One level kitchen and dining room
Grand Fruits de Mer
Malden Rocks! (literally)
Seared scallops in butter sauce with puy lentils and greens
Baked hake in red wine sauce and spinach
Grilled prawns with harissa and garlic
Green beans with anchovies and rosemary
Cheese plate with oat biscuits 
Créme Brûlée

: Wright Brothers, Borough Market, London
DRINK: House Folladore Prosecco
WE THINK: Best value seafood in town! Quite a statement but we recon it's true. The produce is great and the cooking is simple, making it simply Wright deeelight! This place is a guaranteed yummy experience. The Malden Oysters were the winners so in true ieateverywhere "more is more" spirit, we ordered an additional half dozen.
Our Tip: The Fruits de Mer was great, always the best way to please any need and the mains were cooked to perfection. We ordered their house Prosecco, which was a little on the fruity side, so definitely go for Champagne to make the match Wright!

Bhutan: all muscles and chilli cheese!

Street view of "Bhutan Kitchen",
situated on top of "Planet Gym - Muscle and Fitness"
Golden delicious
Members of "Planet Gym - Muscle and Fitness"
Prayer wheels at entrance to Bhutan Kitchen
Clockwise from top left:
red rice, cheese and egg, kewa datshi (potatoes and cheese),
beef stew with vermicelli noodles, rice and maize
Left to right: Ema Datshi (chilli cheese), fresh chilli paste,
stir-fried water spinach with chopped onions and tomatoes
First of five helpings
"Ara" - Bhutanese rice wine

LOCATION: Bhutan Kitchen, Thimpu, Bhutan
CATEGORY: Bhutanese
DRINK: Ara (Bhutanese distilled rice spirit)
WE THINK: Fact: there are body builders in Bhutan. Another fact: the best one each year is called Mr. Bhutan. We loved the charming service and lovely food at this slightly touristy but nonetheless authentic Bhutanese restaurant above Planet Gym in Thimpu. The beef stew was tasty and the spinach fresh and crunchy. The staple red rice was, as always, delicious when accompanied by our new-found favourite dish, chilli cheese, and the clean-tasting Ara ensured that we left Bhutan Kitchen with our digestive system cleaned and germ-free.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

La quiche, c'est chic, freak out! (from waiting)

Rainy day in Paris
Fresh juice and 'green' water 
Risotto with ceps 
Potato soup 
Parmesan and broccoli omelette
Assorted salads 
Aubergine and red pepper quiche
LOCATION: Rose bakery, 30 Rue Debelleyme, Paris, France
CATEGORY: brunch / lunch, organic, vegetarian
DRINK: Carrot-apple-ginger juice, coffee, water served in fancy bottles that say the water inside is 'green'.
WE THINK: If you have A LOT of patience and A LOT of time on your hands and DON'T MIND sitting next to ladies queueing with Chanel bags that hit you in the face, this is a nice spot for brunch or lunch (similar things can be said about the sister cafe on the top floor of Dover Street Market in London). Rose bakery serves organic and almost exclusively vegetarian dishes, all of which are very tasty and make you feel like a healthy person.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Snack attack at La Boqueria

Box of ham
We want this to be within walking distance from our house
Pinnochio himself at Bar Pinotxo
Gambas al ajillo
White beans with baby squid
Close-up of deliciousness
More thumbs up from Pinocchio
Delicious cortado, espresso and cava
LOCATION: Random meat stall and a visit to Bar Pinotxo at La Boqueria market, Barcelona, Spain
CATEGORY: Snack, tapas, Catalan
DRINK: Torello cava, coffee
WE THINK: This market is reason in itself to move to Barcelona! We wanted to eat at every stall in the market but despite our spectacular appetite and oversized stomachs, this was clearly not possible. We therefore settled on a good-looking box of Salamanca ham (yummy) followed by a seat at Bar Pinotxo, recommended by our local food friend. The food was delicious, in particular the baby squid and white beans, and the cortado one of the best we have ever had. Lots of tourists and high stress levels? Of course. Worth a visit? You bet.