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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bhutan: all muscles and chilli cheese!

Street view of "Bhutan Kitchen",
situated on top of "Planet Gym - Muscle and Fitness"
Golden delicious
Members of "Planet Gym - Muscle and Fitness"
Prayer wheels at entrance to Bhutan Kitchen
Clockwise from top left:
red rice, cheese and egg, kewa datshi (potatoes and cheese),
beef stew with vermicelli noodles, rice and maize
Left to right: Ema Datshi (chilli cheese), fresh chilli paste,
stir-fried water spinach with chopped onions and tomatoes
First of five helpings
"Ara" - Bhutanese rice wine

LOCATION: Bhutan Kitchen, Thimpu, Bhutan
CATEGORY: Bhutanese
DRINK: Ara (Bhutanese distilled rice spirit)
WE THINK: Fact: there are body builders in Bhutan. Another fact: the best one each year is called Mr. Bhutan. We loved the charming service and lovely food at this slightly touristy but nonetheless authentic Bhutanese restaurant above Planet Gym in Thimpu. The beef stew was tasty and the spinach fresh and crunchy. The staple red rice was, as always, delicious when accompanied by our new-found favourite dish, chilli cheese, and the clean-tasting Ara ensured that we left Bhutan Kitchen with our digestive system cleaned and germ-free.

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