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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Full of CRAB!

Garlic fries (the portion is BIG but the giant hand creates an optical illusion)
Medium portion of garlic steamed clams
Medium portion of iron skillet-roasted shrimp
"Fishwich" - buttermilk battered haddock sandwich and garlic fries.
Incidentally the biggest sandwich we have ever seen.
(Picture (and fishwich) cropped to disguise face of bib-wearing patron)
Garlic roasted dungeness crab - medium-sized portion called 'Lotsa crab' (ca. 3lbs)
LOCATION: Crab House at Pier 39, San Francisco, California
CATEGORY: Seafood bonanza
DRINK: Sauvignon blanc from Kenwood (Sonoma), San Francisco tab water, Fernet Branca to settle the stomach, great macchiato
WE THINK: Oh dear...what a whole lot of seafood! We were hungry and decided to declare war on the ocean, but less food would have been ok, too. Not pictured is the delicious crab chowder which we forgot to take a picture of mid-war. All the seafood was incredibly fresh and delicious, favourites being the crab legs (roasted in yummy secret garlic sauce), the prawns and the fishwich (which happened to be the best battered haddock we have ever tasted).
OUR TIPS: Bibs are a necessity when you attack crab legs at Crab House, as is a healthy amount of stamina to help you through the tourist ruckus of Pier 39. And when you decide to get yourself crabbed out like we did on this occasion, a shot of Fernet Branca (or other form of digestif) will hit the spot.

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