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Saturday, November 13, 2010

La quiche, c'est chic, freak out! (from waiting)

Rainy day in Paris
Fresh juice and 'green' water 
Risotto with ceps 
Potato soup 
Parmesan and broccoli omelette
Assorted salads 
Aubergine and red pepper quiche
LOCATION: Rose bakery, 30 Rue Debelleyme, Paris, France
CATEGORY: brunch / lunch, organic, vegetarian
DRINK: Carrot-apple-ginger juice, coffee, water served in fancy bottles that say the water inside is 'green'.
WE THINK: If you have A LOT of patience and A LOT of time on your hands and DON'T MIND sitting next to ladies queueing with Chanel bags that hit you in the face, this is a nice spot for brunch or lunch (similar things can be said about the sister cafe on the top floor of Dover Street Market in London). Rose bakery serves organic and almost exclusively vegetarian dishes, all of which are very tasty and make you feel like a healthy person.

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