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Monday, November 8, 2010

Polpetto... a greed defeat...(in a good way)

There's room for 28 people
Left: Smoked tuna, lemon and dill ricotta
Right: Duck & porcini meatball
Left: Chopped chicken liver crostino
Right: Polpetti (baby octopus)
Cured pork shoulder & pickled pepper pizzetta
Chilli & garlic prawns
Zucchini fries
Cuttlefish in its ink, gremolata
Sprouting broccoli, smoked almonds, chilli
Grilled sliced flank steak, white truffle cream
Osso buco, saffron risotto
Flourless chocolate & hazelnut cake
LOCATION: Polpetto (upstairs at the French House), Soho, London
CATEGORY: Italian, Venetian
DRINK: Glass of Prosecco Dal Bello NV, 500ml carafe Valpolicella Mezzo 2009, Lurisia fizzy water, Fernet Branca, Grappa, espresso.
WE THINK: A rare joint outing for the ieateveywhere couple Trans C+K was celebrated at Polpetto located above the legendary French House in SOHO, London. The feast was epic and lasted for 3 1/2 hrs and resulted in a 12 variety over-enthusiastic ordering of well prepared venetian delicacies. The cosy little dining room only holds very few eager eaters and as they don't take reservation for dinner, the scramble for a much desired spot has to be carefully pre planned.

Our tip: For two people DON'T order as much! Trans C+K were unable to move post Polpetto, though after a few digestive managed to roll over to their much loved KOYA for more digestion help in form of clean Shochu, which eased their greed defeat! Get there before 7pm or after 9.30pm to secure your place in their space. 'Polpetti' and 'Cuttlefish in its ink' is a must for the seafood lovers.

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  1. hi!
    i'm Julie's friend (and colleague) and I love your blog! congrats and hope you'll keep posting amazing posts like the ones i've been checking tonight!



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