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Monday, November 1, 2010

"Remember, it's always a great day at Cabo"

"CABO - The Original Mix-Mex Grill"

Tortilla soup, topped with avocado and cilantro
Grilled fish taco
Grilled shrimp taco
Black beans and 'Cabo rice'
LOCATION: Cabo, Houston, Texas
CATEGORY: Tex Mex (though the good people at Cabo call it "Mix-Mex")
DRINK: Pacifico beer and lemonade
WE THINK: Nice, uncomplicated Tex Mex (/Mix-Mex?) diner situated in an area full of complicated restaurants and cafes that offer al fresco dining and "chill-out music". We had a delicious tortilla soup, fresh and tasty tacos (though liberal sprinkles of Cabo's own-brand hot sauce are necessary) and a decent side of beans'n'rice. Cabo's motto? "Remember, it's always a great day at Cabo".

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