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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rice baby rice

Spinach and matured goats cheese salad 
Bacalao balls
Grilled squid 
Fried artichokes 
Fried spring onions 
What's left of a plate of garlic scallops 
Black rice with baby squid and artichokes 
(order for 3 persons, shared between 5 with a bit of leftovers)
Catalan custard with caramel brulee topping 
Coconut and chocolate sorbets
Tarte tatin with fresh caramelised figs
LOCATION: Elche, c/ Vila Vila 71, Poble Sec, Barcelona, Spain 
CATEGORY: Spanish, paella and rice
DRINK: Cava and cold A.K. Damm beer
WE THINK: Traditional rice restaurant in Poble Sec serving paella to soft-spoken and well-behaved locals and us. Delicious black rice with baby squid and artichokes gave us black tongues and happy bellies (and inspired the horrible title of this post). The small grilled squid and fried artichokes were a hit as usual and the other starters, especially the fried spring onions, were yummy too. Desserts were ordered out of pure greed but went down with a smile.

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  1. mmm...we're planning our trip already!


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