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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WE EAT TAPAS...again

We like the label and the wine inside
Roasted ceps
Fried bacalao ball
Pimientos de Padrón. We love these green little suckers
Yummy little fried fish
Shrimp cake
Razor clams and crayfish
We won!
We won again! Cleaner than Changi airport.
Fried artichoke shavings
Frozen chocolate truffles, lemon sorbet

LOCATION: Paco Meralgo, c/ Muntaner, 171, Barcelona, Spain
CATEGORY: Tapas, Spanish
DRINK: Santiago Ruiz Riaz Baixas (2009)
WE THINK: Simple, well-executed tapas and good service. We want fried artichoke shavings to be part of our lives from now on. And we want more crayfish and razor clams.
PS: we discovered that it's possible to pick up a piece of meat from a perfectly cracked crayfish claw from the floor, wash it in the finger bowl, eat it, not get sick, and still retain a sense of dignity.

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