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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wright delight!

One level kitchen and dining room
Grand Fruits de Mer
Malden Rocks! (literally)
Seared scallops in butter sauce with puy lentils and greens
Baked hake in red wine sauce and spinach
Grilled prawns with harissa and garlic
Green beans with anchovies and rosemary
Cheese plate with oat biscuits 
Créme Brûlée

: Wright Brothers, Borough Market, London
DRINK: House Folladore Prosecco
WE THINK: Best value seafood in town! Quite a statement but we recon it's true. The produce is great and the cooking is simple, making it simply Wright deeelight! This place is a guaranteed yummy experience. The Malden Oysters were the winners so in true ieateverywhere "more is more" spirit, we ordered an additional half dozen.
Our Tip: The Fruits de Mer was great, always the best way to please any need and the mains were cooked to perfection. We ordered their house Prosecco, which was a little on the fruity side, so definitely go for Champagne to make the match Wright!

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