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Thursday, December 9, 2010

5 A.M. tacos

Taquería el Faraón at 5a.m. on a Sunday (that's not us, by the way)
Pastor and waiters sizzling away 

Nopales con queso (tacos with cactus and cheese) 
"Bistec" (steak taco) and taco 'al pastor'  
Chicharrón de queso (cheese chicharron) 
"Volcán especial" (bistec, costilla, chuleta o pastor) 
(steak, ribs and chop 'al pastor' with cheese) 
Another round of taco al pastor
LOCATION: Taquería el Faraón, Oaxaca 92, Mexico City, Mexico
CATEGORY: Tacos, Mexican, food for drunk people
DRINK: Water
WE THINK: It's reasonable to assume we wouldn't be able to remember what we ate at Taquería el Faraón after that much mezcal and tequila. But we do remember because it was DElicious. And we took pictures, which helps. If you wonder if the pineapple on the taco al pastor makes it even more delicious, the answer is !  

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