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Friday, December 24, 2010

Dinner with the Knicks

Box of beer and hot dogs from the food stand... 
Hot dog on its way into undersigned's face hole
Go Knicks! 3 beers and 4 hot dogs brought to seat by hot dog lady:
MSG seat-service hot dog kit...
...Bonus: comes with potato chips...
...and cheese dipping sauce!
bit of game... Go Knicks!
No foam finger = no fun 
No. 1 fans re-use their foam fingers as Dom cozies 
LOCATION: Section 78, Row L, Seat 1, Madison Square Garden
CATEGORY: Junk food, game food
WE THINK: $170 for 7 beers, 8 hot dogs and a couple of foam hands! A tad expensive but a very delightful food experience.
OUR TIPS: (1) Don't eat the sauerkraut or melted cheese. (2) Do (or don't do) a crazy dance to catch the attention of the photographers so as to get yourself onto the big screen. (3) Buy a foam hand - it's fun, warm and comes in handy (pardon the pun) as a cozy.

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