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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Al fresco dining at Don Camelon
- saves your clothes from smelling deep-fried
"Torta ahogada camaron"
Traditional Guadalajaran sandwich drenched in tasty sauce
(above version with shrimps) 
Burrita con chorizo
Swimming in tasty sauce, Guadalajara fashion
"Ahogadita mini" with pork, swimming in tasty sauce
LOCATION: Don Camelon, Av. Providencia No. 2393, Guadalajara, Mexico
CATEGORY: Mexican, Guadalajaran, fast food
DRINK: Fanta
WE THINK: Take your cheesy sandwich for a little swim in some tasty sauce and you've got yourself a recipe for a great meal. Will it make you feel healthy and attack the day with a springy step? Probably not, but you're in Mexico so that's ok. Don Camelon is a no-frills spot for this Guadalajaran must-eat and the Don himself will take your order sitting down next to you.

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