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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lunch with The Boss

"The Palace Warm Lobster Salad" 
lobster, green beans, new potatoes and scallions
"Palm Beach Shrimp Salad" with mixed greens, palm hearts,
avocado, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs in green dressing
"Estelle's chicken soup" 
Linguine Vongole (baby clams, olive oil, garlic and tomato)
LOCATION: Fred's at Barneys New York, Madison Avenue, New York
CATEGORY: Italian, American, lunch
DRINK: Moët & Chandon champagne, sparkling water
WE THINK: Have a perfect New York experience and eat lunch at Fred's next to Bruce Springsteen and lots of fine ladies with bouffant hair. The lobster salad and linguine vongole were delicious, the chicken soup so-so (but very soothing in December) while the Palm Beach shrimp salad was a bit of a flop. Fred thinks champagne for lunch is very ok.

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