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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Besto Pisco in Peruco!

The Pisco Sour!
Various mountain potatoes and cheese with chilli sauce
Battered crayfish and calamari with mango and avocado Cebiche

Succulent Pig w Various Mountain potatoes and Sweet potato

Medley of Meats (Ostrich, Alpaca and Lamb)
with Cream of Mushroom sauce and rice
Traditional Rocoto relleno, stuffed pepper with beef
and potato cake topped w melted cheese… mmmm cheese...
Side: Onion salad
LOCATION: Paladar 1900, Arequipa, Peru
CATEGORY: Peruvian / Andean
DRINK: Pisco sour
WE THINK: Surprisingly amazing cooking in the Andean town of Arequipa. We were slightly puzzled when invited to this high standard restaurant in the centre of Arequipa. The quality of food, service and atmosphere was second to none…
Our tip: Definitely always start with Pisco sour in Peru! Famous for their unique lemon, traditional Peruvian cuisine takes full advantage of this incredibly fresh, refreshing and super sour fruit of the sun! It also resulted in this incontestable Pisco sour. The rumour is that Paladar 1900 makes the best in Town and it was certainly the best Trans-K tasted throughout the Andean travels! Simply Pisco-Disco!

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