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Friday, March 4, 2011


Canapes of Deep fried polenta croquettes with olive and garlic
Canapes of Choux á la fromage (cheese puff)
Coconut & Wild mushroom Velouté
Royale of Parmesan topped with Caramelised Shropshire Walnuts
in warm Véloute of potato and toasted rice
Tartare of Scottish langoustine, wattleseed, passion fruit and sea herbs
Ravioli of Hen's egg yolk and Smoked potato, chopped Autumn Truffle
Cornish Skate wing roasted in Brown Butter,
Jerusalem Artichoke & Vanilla purée, Burnt Sweetcorn, Buttermilk

Roast "Adour" Foie Gras, Sea Buckthorn Gel,
Quince & Szechuan Pepper Compote
Saddle of Clun Valley Hare, Cévennes Onion & Coffee, Truffle sauce

Apple Purée, Sweet Celeriac, chestnut Cream
Fine Cream Tart of Jerusalem Artichoke,
Toasted Oat Rice Cream, Salted Caramel sauce
Petit Fours and Cafe Noisette
LOCATION: Hibiscus, Maddox Street, London W1S 2PA
CATEGORY:  Franc Cornelissen Munjebel Bianco 2006; Magnier & Casters le Casot des Mailloles "Blanc du Casot"; Nouveau Mortet Gevrey Chambertin "Mes Cinc Terroirs" 2004
WE THINK: "The quieter the dining room, the crazier the kitchen..." if the saying is true, the serene atmosphere of this concise operation triggers the imagination for what happens out in the back...
The front of house service and the intensity behind their enthusiasm is a pleasant experience and humorous at times... in a good way.
OUR TIP: The moment of intrigue got the better of us when testing the authenticity of the egg shell containing the delicious Coconut and Mushroom Velouté, which resulted in an encore. Highly recommended doing this move where possible as their various Velouté's were the highlight amongst all the other incredibly yummy dishes. If going for the "surprise taster menu" ensure a healthy appetite and an empty stomach as Foie Gras followed by Saddle of Hare can come and punish you for having eaten lunch...

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