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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Korean Air business class

Tokyo Haneda to Seoul Incheon
Thoughtful step-by-step guide for dummies
How to make Gejang Deopbap (Soy sauce marinated crab with rice) 
Step 1: Open plastic container with steamed rice (step not included in instructions)
Step 2: Add rice to bowl
Step 3: Add soy sauce marinated crab 
Step 4: Add seaweed and sesame seeds 
Step 5: Mix well and eat with kimchi, tofu and soup 
Step 6: After finishing, eat bowl of fresh fruit and sleep
Seoul Incheon to Tokyo Haneda
DIY Bibimbap
Sesame oil and chilli paste 
Mix all ingredients, enjoy with soup and pickles, sleep
LOCATION: Korean Air business class
CATEGORY: Airplane food
WE THINK: Fun and yummy, yummy and fun, fun and yummy, yummy and fun, fun and yummy, yummy and fun...


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