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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lunch at Noma - no big deal - just the best restaurant in the world...

The snacks
Snack no. 1: Edible flower decoration (brown bits only)
Snack no. 2: edible fried Norwegian moss covered in ceps dust
Snack no. 3: Seabuckthorn leather with rosehip petals
Snack no. 4: garlic fried leak roots
Snack no. 5: old school cookie tin with savoury cookies
Snack no. 5: savoury cookie with lard, blackcurrant and pine needles 
Snack no. 6: crispy sandwich of rye bread and chicken skin
with smoked cheese, lovage and split pea purée
Snack no. 7: giant fake quail egg shell
Snack no. 7: smoked and pickled quail eggs served on bed of smoking hay
Snack no. 8: radish with sheep milk / herb yoghurt with edible leaves
and edible soil made from ground hazelnut, malt and barley
Snack no. 9: Crisp herb toast with powdered vinegar 
and smoked cod roe emulsion topped with crispy duck stock
Snack no. 10: 'æbleskive' (Danish Christmas dumplings)
with tiny Finnish sardines, vinegar dust and cucumber ball
The bread
Bread wrapped and then wrapped again
The 12-course tasting menu
No. 1: Leeks and apples cut like leeks with seaweed gel
No. 2: Dried scallops and watercress, biodynamic cereals
and beech nut with sauce of squid ink and seaweed
No. 3: Giant langoustine tail presented on a warm basalt stone
sprinkled with Icelandic dulse (söl) with drops of oyster 'mayo'
No. 4: 'Oyster and the sea'  - sliced oyster served on pebbles and shells, 
cooked with horseradish, caviar pearls, herbs and capers
No. 5: Cauliflower slow-cooked and infused with pine
No. 6: Cooked celeriac with truffle sauce and sorrel
No. 7: Various pickled root vegetables with pork bone marrow
No. 8: Roasted turbot with seasonal cabbage, ramson, celeriac, 
parsnip purée, with white wine, and caper sauce
No. 9: Wild duck breast with baby herbs, pickled and cooked apples,
apple sauce and apple seeds made from malt
No. 10: 'Pear Tree'
grilled and raw pear served with thyme 'sponge'
(vacuumed' and frozen parfait with thyme and rock salt)
No. 11: Walnut powder and ice cream
No. 12: 'Øllebrød'
Traditional Danish dessert porridge made of rye bread and beer.
The sweets
Sweet no. 1: yoghurt 'flødebolle'
Sweet no. 2: chocolate potato crisp with fennel
Sweet no. 3: bone-marrow caramel
The goodbye
3.5 hours later and it's getting dark outside
View of main dining area with seating for 35 guests
View to the kitchen from the main dining area
LOCATION: noma, Strandgade 93, Copenhagen, Denmark
CATEGORY: Nordic, gourmet
DRINK: (1) Champagne - unknown (got too excited about the snacks and forgot to photograph the label. It was delicious.). (2) White - 2004 Anjou 'Vignes Françaises en Foule' Ferme de la Sansonnière (Mark Angéli). (3) White - 2007 Andert 'Pamhogna'. (4) Red - J'en Veux!!! Vin de table (J-F Ganevat)
WE THINK: Wow! Creating this post took as long time as eating an entire meal at noma! The pundits say this is the best restaurant in the world and we believe them! Our January lunch at the 34-year old Danish/Albanian-Macedonian wonder-chef René Redzepi's Copenhagen restaurant totally blew our minds and was overall the best dining experience we've ever had. Each one of the 25 dishes, made from Nordic, seasonal, and largely biodynamic produce was aesthetically beautiful, full of humour, surprisingly light and delicate, and above all ridiculously delicious. The service was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and spotless and at the same time pleasingly laid-back and invisible. We went for the full-on 12-course tasting menu instead of the 7-course 'seasonal menu' which meant that we got to try a bunch of new, seasonal creations as well as a few noma classics. Favourites are hard to pick - it's like choosing a basketball team from your 25 best friends - but at the time of writing, the scallops, langoustine, cauliflower, turbot and pear tree seem to be the ones that have made the greatest impression...though the edible flower decoration and moss deserve special mention for being hilarious and delicious at the same time - hilicious! We went for bottles of wine instead of the wine pairing, thinking that would overall amount to less wine and less money. While neither turned out to be the case, we were super excited about our choices, expertly influenced by the sommelier, and would especially recommend the mind-blowingly yummy Anjou. 


  1. hi,
    great to meet you last night. this does look like an AMAZING restaurant. i'll live vicariously through you until i can get over to denmark!

  2. Looking forward to Noma in June! But it's good to know that the food guru approves of Noma and thinks it's "the best dining experience ever had"!!

  3. Thanks for this, pictures bring back good memories of our own recent visit! One remark: Redzepi is Danish/Macedonian-Albanian, not Bulgarian.

  4. @Jan H. - noted and corrected! Thanks


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