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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shut up and eat

Turnip soup with turnip and fish ball
Monkfish liver from Hokkaido with miso sauce
Soft simmered abalone with grilled oyster in hot squid sauce
topped with deep-fried egg-tofu and vegetables 
Shabu-shabu style Matsuba crab from Sanin in crab broth
Sashimi of seabream from Tokushima and Aorika squid with seaweed
Hot egg custard with sharks fin sauce
Grilled seaperch from Choshi with roasted rice
over black vinegar sea urchin soy sauce
Wagyu beef cheek in white miso soup with winter vegetables
Simmered rice cooked with Kuroge Wagyu beef and
miso soup with Shiba shrimp broth
-196 degree celsius candy apple...
...cracked open
...and topped with +99 degree celsius apple jam. Yum!
Hot parfait Ryu Gin style
Matcha (green tea)

LOCATION: Ryu GinSide Roppongi Building, 1st Floor, 7-17-24 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo
CATEGORY: Japanese kaiseki style, gourmet, 2 Michelin stars
DRINK: Champagne and Sake pairing
WE THINK: We were halfway through a very enjoyable meal at this 24-seater when the waiter signlanguaged us to keep our voices down. Apparently our Japanese-ified, restrained laughs had drowned the muffled conversations of the other guests (mainly old-man-young-lady couples) and made the waiter nervous...Oh, Japan! Opened by young and, according to Japanese standards, unconventional chef, Seiji Yamamoto, Ryu Gin is internationally acclaimed for serving traditional kaiseki (multicourse japanese banquet incorporating only seasonal ingredients) with a modern, cool twist. Apart from the very clever and unpredictable candy apple dessert, our kaiseki was pretty traditional but nonetheless delicious. Favourites were the insanely buttery and smooth squid sashimi, the monkfish liver, the wagyu beef cheeks in white miso and the amazing candy apple.
OUR TIPS: Be sure to pay at least one visit to the bathroom which contains an impressive array of complimentary sundries, including (but not limited to) make-up, make-up brushes, toothbrushes, mints, candy, lip balm and, most importantly, Ukon (concentrated turmeric to prevent hangovers).

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