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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best soba in Tokyo?

Entrance to Matsugen
Soba gakki (buckwheat dumplings) 
Piece of soba gakki with topped with dipping sauce
Grilled broad beans 
Kamo Jiru soba with duck soup
Cold Mori soba with original soba dipping sauce
LOCATION: Matsugen, Hiroo 1-3-1, Hagiwara Bldg. 1F, Hiroo, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
CATEGORY: Japanese, soba
DRINK: Green tea
WE THINK: Excellent place for handmade soba noodles (though not as good as this one), owned by the three Matsushita brothers who also run 2 other namesake soba restaurants (in Azabu-juban (Tokyo) and Honolulu (Hawaii)) and who made a brief appearance on the New York restaurant scene with a more upscale version of Matsugen (from 2008-11). The soba noodles at Matsugen are made in-house and are nicely textured, flavourful, perfectly cooked and served with a totally delicious broth (we prefer going traditional with a basic soba dipping sauce but also loved the duck soup) - all making it very hard to resist a kae-dama (extra serving of noodles). Make sure to order a soba gakki, the inexplicably delicious gooey lump of cooked buckwheat which is so much better than it should be.

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