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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seoul food

Mixed leaf salad with lotus root
Side dishes: various types of kimchi and seaweed
Broiled sliced beef rolled with fresh vegetables and herbs
Green onion pancake with seafood
Korean rib eye steak and onion...
...cut bite-sized with scissors
...and pumpkin
Dippings sauce and fresh garlic
Grilled dried pollack
Cold buckwheat noodles with chilli paste, beef, daikon, egg and cucumber
Cold buckwheat noodles in clear broth
Delicious seasonal pears
Cold roasted rice tea
LOCATION: Hanwoori, 91-18 Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
DRINK: Ginseng tea
WE THINK: Go to Hanwoori for a tasty - though maybe not that bold - introduction to traditional Korean food. This upscale restaurant has been named one of the best Korean restaurants by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and has apparently received an award from former President Kim Dae Jung, though we're not entirely sure about the importance of either of these achievements. Apart from shabu shabu which is the specialty of Hanwoori, it is possible to order set 'banquet' menus, which we decided to do. We enjoyed very clean and light dishes made from seasonal, local, and mostly organic produce and found the rib eye steak, the different kimchis and the cold buckwheat noodles to be particularly delicious.  

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