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Friday, April 8, 2011

Spice I Am - Thai in Sydney

Som Tum green papaya salad with dried shrimp, peanut and chilli
Beef salad
(marinated beef with lemon juice, mint leaves, onion and coriander)
Yum woon saen (mung bean vermicelli salad with pork, cuttlefish,
prawns, peanuts,  dried shrimp, onion and coriander)
Lemongrass salad with king prawns, cashew nuts,  lime and sugar dressing
Pad Prik King crispy fish
Pad Thai (stir fried rice noodles with king prawns,
egg, peanuts, beansprouts, garlic, chives and tofu)
Basil crispy chicken
Nam Khao Tod (spicy crispy rice salad
with Thai pork sausages, chilli powder and ground peanut)
Basil crispy pork belly
Soft shell crab with green mango salad
Jungle curry with vegetables
Fresh young coconut juice
Inside/outside dining
LOCATION: Spice I Am, 90 Wentworth Avenue (corner of Campbell Street and Elizabeth Street), Surry Hills, Sydney
DRINK: Fresh young coconut juice
WE THINK: No doubt the best Thai food we've had in Sydney and among the best and most authentic we've had outside of Thailand. We took advantage of our large party and ordered a mountain of food from the enticing menu. The highlights were the Nham Khao Tod, the almost-as-spicy-as-in-Thailand Yum woon saen, the lemongrass salad and the delicious Pad Prik King crispy fish (the latter two of which we ordered an extra serving). We went back the next day for an encore, but unfortunately Spice I Am is closed on Mondays.
OUR TIP:  Go to Spice I Am at lunchtime if you wish to avoid the overwhelming queue that otherwise forms outside. Order the divine young coconut juice or bring your own booze at no extra charge.

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