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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The London Particular

London Particular salad with sausages and halloumi
Grilled mackerel with pea puree and red rice salad
Soba noodle salad with grilled asparagus and tiger prawns
Chegworth Valley apple and elderflower juice
Enticing baked goods on the counter
Owners Kanji and Becky
LOCATION: The London Particular, 399 New Cross Road, New Cross, London, SE14 6LA
CATEGORY: Café, breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee
DRINK: Several cups of coffee, Chegworth Valley juices
WE THINK: This tiny New Cross gem serves one of London’s best coffees, made with their own “London Particular” blend from “H.R. Higgins (Coffee-man) Ltd.” - the third-generation, oldschool tea and coffee merchants who supplies to Her Majesty. They also serve delicious, healthy food for breakfast and lunch (many vegetarian options), lovingly prepared by the owner/chef, Becky Davey. We went to sample a little bit of everything on a beautiful, sunny day and took a seat at an outdoor table facing the questionably lovely New Cross Road. Our three hearty salads (too much for 2 hungry adults) were fresh and tasty with the grilled mackerel deserving a gold medal. Even if you are not a student at neighbouring Goldsmiths University, you now have a reason to travel to New Cross. Long live the air-conditioned East London overground train!

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