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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting Cal Peppy in Barcelona

Razor clams
"Pimientos de Padrón"
Deepfried whitebait
Tuna tartar
Spanish omelette
Seating area at bar/kitchen
Seafood fridge
Coke from a tiny glass bottle. The best.
Mr. Pep
LOCATION: Cal Pep, Plaça de les Olles, 8, Barcelona, Spain
DRINK: Coca-Cola from a tiny glass bottle and Vichy Catalan sparkling water
WE THINK: We had heard so much hype about Cal Pep that we almost didn't want to go, expecting that it'd be a huge disappointment and full of other tourists. But obviously we had to go. The fear of missing out on a potentially amazing meal was greater than the fear of being annoyed and disappointed. We got there 45 minutes before closing and were lucky to be the last people who were let through the door to join the long line of waiting customers. At least 20 disappointed tourists who came after us (the locals knew better) were turned away by the grumpy waiter at the door. One women broke into tears, pointing to her watch and looking at the waiter in disbelief. We gave her a sympathetic (could be misinterpreted as smug) smile. At Cal Pep you can sit at the bar, overlooking the kitchen, or you can sit in a dark, stuffy room behind the toilets at normal tables. We sat at the bar and were served by Mr. Pep himself. Our food was delicious. Almost annoyingly so. The razor clams possibly the best we've ever had and the clams way up there, too. We eyed with great food-envy some teeny-tiny long-neck clams and a pan-fried whole bream that the old guy sitting next to us was eating, but unfortunately we had already ordered tuna tartar and omelette (both good but not nearly as delicious-looking as his food). Next time.

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