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Friday, July 15, 2011

Kaiku - rice to the occasion!

Tiny fried fish (sonso) with partridge eggs
Vichy Catalan and cold prosecco
Zamburiñas (small scallops) with ginger sauce
"Xef rice" - paella with smoked Carpier DO. Delta D'Ebre rice,
seafood, vegetables and seasonal mushrooms
Outside tables at Kaiku
LOCATION: Kaiku, Plaça del Mar, 1, La Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain
CATEGORY: Rice, Spanish, Catalan
DRINK: Caus Prosecco and Vichy Catalan sparkling water
WE THINK: (Yes, we are fully aware of how terrible that pun is. It's very terrible) We wanted to go to Kaiku on our last visit to Barcelona but were sloppy with reservations and instead ended up at another great, but far less popular, rice restaurant. On this trip, we managed to get a table outside (10% more expensive but preferable to the brain-melting heat inside) for a late lunch. A few of the non-rice items on the menu had unfortunately already sold out (like the “crispy moray skin with lime and ají molí” and the maybe-maybenot-delicious-sounding “octopus with avocado and green curry, slightly spicy”). We did pretty well without these, though. We loved our tiny crispy fish--delicious with the yolk of the partridge eggs smothered over them--and the delicate and very tasty mini-scallop Zamburiñas with ginger sauce, a great companion for shellfish. For rice, we went with our head-to-toe-tattooed awesome waitress’ recommendation, “Xef rice” (smoked rice with seafood), though it was hard to resist ordering black rice. The Xef rice was good, the shellfish garnish perfectly cooked and the rice al dente and flavourful.

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