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Monday, July 11, 2011

Momofuku awesomeness (Part II)

Sliced Fluke with cucumber, jalapeño and furikake
Ruby Shrimp with cucumber, juniper oil and green olive
Asparagus salad with peekytoe crab, lemon, hollandaise sauce and ramps
Chef preparing our charred octopus... 
...there he is (the octopus) on the cutting board...
...and arranged on our plate with fennel, yoghurt and grapefruit!
Tamale with kimchi pork
Unwrapped, it's less pretty
Baby Bok Choy with fermented black bean and cauliflower mushoom
Cauliflower with brown butter, pine nuts and golden raisins
Roasted Scallops with plum, blood orange and red endive
Rabbit saddle with asparagus, gnocchi, peas, pearl onion and arugula
Chicken Ramen with hand-cut sourdough noodles, baby carrots and celery
...turned upside down
Chilled Spicy Noodles with sichuan spiced sausage, spinach and candied cashews
...turned upside down
Momofuku Ramen with pork belly, pork shoulder and slow-poached egg
Soft serve ice cream - chocolate and passion fruit twist
LOCATION: momofuku noodle bar, 171 1st Avenue (between 10th and 11th street), New York
CATEGORY: American, Asian, Fusion
DRINK: Lurisia sparkling water
WE THINK: We went for dinner at momofuku noodle bar during the same week as our visit to ssäm bar and our mind-blowing visit to the priciest of David Chang's momofuku restaurants, the tiny 2 Michelin-starred ko (unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures at ko but tasted some insane food, including the best foie gras dish we've ever had, composed of shaved foie gras with lychees, pine nut brittle and Riesling wine gel). We named it the “Momofuku Week”. All we had in mind for this particular evening was a quick and simple dinner, but after standing in line for an eternity, watching and smelling food being prepared, served and eaten by other people, we went bananas. The two of us ordered 13 dishes, nearly all of which we finished (the pathetic leftovers were handed to us in eco-friendly take-away containers at the end of the meal). Our waiter was very impressed by our gluttony and assured us this was a noodle bar record in the doubles category. We were happy to be seated at the bar overlooking the busy kitchen, from where we could observe octopus tentacles, scallops, noodles and fish being expertly handled by the 7-or-so chefs. To enhance our eating capability, we decided against beer and drank Lurisia sparkling water throughout our meal. The food? In addition to our 10 delicious non-noodle dishes--highlights of which were the delicate juniper-flavoured ruby shrimp, the comforting and yummy pork kimchi tamales and the asparagus crab salad--we felt obliged to also test a few noodle dishes, this being a noodle bar after all. We found ourselves even more excited about the fresh, hand-cut sourdough noodles with roast chicken and seasonal vegetables and the totally delicious cold spicy Sichuan ramen noodles, than the signature 'momofuku ramen'. And just when our waiter thought we couldn't possibly eat more, we ordered a soft-serve ice cream to share. De-li-cious!

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