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Monday, July 25, 2011

Probably our new Barcelona favourite. We call it Awesome Place.

Torta de camaron - shrimp pastry

Tomato bread
Tuna tartar
Steak tartar
Potato wedges
Fried seafood (squid, langoustine, shrimp) and citrus fruits
Razor clams
Steamed clams with fresh thyme and garlic
Scooping up the delicious broth with a shell
Grilled langoustines
Chorizo and potato
Grilled ribeye
Oxtail casserole
Triple chocolate cake
Chocolate bomb stick thing
Apple tart
Other delicious desserts, not tasted
View to kitchen from the bar
Great name, great label, very nice green wine
Long, narrow interior
LOCATION: Awesome Place, secret location, Barcelona, Spain
CATEGORY: Traditional and regional Spanish, raçiones/tapas
DRINK: Afortunado Verdejo 2010 Vinedos Singulares. For dessert: "Lauro" orujo hierbas (herbal liqueur) 
WE THINK: We promised our local hookup not to tell anyone about this restaurant, which has so far managed to stay under the tourist radar. We decided to almost keep our promise by refraining from naming it--instead referring to it as Awesome Place--but it's simply too good not to share at all (our modest number of readers will probably be able to identify Awesome Place by studying the above photos). We were sat at the long bar overlooking the kitchen though there are also a couple of larger tables in the back and a couple of booths in the front. Watching the tightly run kitchen in action and chatting with the fun and energetic chefs and waiters was half the experience so this is strongly recommended. We asked our waiter to bring the four of us the dishes he thought we should try this evening which turned out to be a good decision and saved us the trouble of translating the Catalan menu. The food at Awesome Place is well-executed, traditional Spanish with specialties from various regions. We loved all the seafood dishes (including a delicious squid sandwich which we ate without taking a picture, but perhaps not so much the razor clams which were brinier than we normally like them). The meat dishes we tried were also delicious--especially the tasty steak tartar and the succulent oxtail. We were totally stuffed after the oxtail bomb but luckily we're fitted with a separate belly for desserts, and managed to squeeze down a few of the many delicious-looking cakes without too much subsequent discomfort. We particularly enjoyed the surprisingly light and fluffy triple chocolate cake accompanied by shots of Orujo Hierbas while watching all the chefs clean the kitchen at 2am. 


  1. Not so secret I guess - the name of the place is on the plates ;-p

  2. yes, we know...we've got so few readers though, and even fewer who will notice;-) seems they deserve to find out...?

  3. thanks for the tip...gonna look this one up in august...

  4. Looks amazing. Headed to Spain in July, beyond excited. Any awesome, secret places in Lisbon, San Sebastián, or Madrid? I realize that could be a long answer.


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