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Friday, July 8, 2011

Momofuku awesomeness

Matunuck oysters (Rhode Island) with sorrel and seabuckthorn berry
and cracked Jonah crab claws with harissa mayo
Diver scallops with blood orange, mitsuba and scallop crackers
Spicy honeycomb tripe with ginger-scallion, celery and pickled tomatoes
Fuji apple kimchi with maple labne, jowl bacon and arugula
Steamed pork buns with hoisin sauce, cucumbers, scallions
Beef noodle soup with sirloin, tendon, oxtail, tripe and mushrooms...
...served with satsuma mandarin and red watercress
LOCATION: momofuku ssäm bar, 207 2nd Avenue (corner of 13th Street), New York
CATEGORY: American, Asian, fusion
DRINK: Sparkling water
WE THINK: A little while ago--before we were banned from using Blogger during a stay in China--we went for a late lunch at momofuku ssäm bar. ‘Ssäm’ is a Korean term for wrapped food and ssäm bar’s peace day resistance (or 'pièce de résistance') is bo ssäm (pork and condiments wrapped in lettuce). The bo ssäm is only served for parties of 6 or more and must be ordered in advance, so unfortunately it wasn't an option for us. Instead, we decided to share a few things from the raw bar and some of the many enticing, light dishes from the lunch menu. We weren’t entirely won over by the combination of sorrel and seabuckthorn berry on the oysters, which were otherwise very fresh and tasty, but were banging our heads against the table in excitement after taking our first bite of the chopped diver scallops--a very, very delicate dish. Heads were also banging for the spicy honeycomb tripe, momofuku’s signature pork buns and the beef noodle soup which had some of the best-tasting oxtail and tendon we've had in a long time. Go Dave Chang!

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