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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Residency Please...

Cucumber canapés
Battered chicken canapés
Tomatoes, goat's milk and wild marjoram
Mackerel, gooseberries, English mustard and crystal lemon cucumber
Angus rib, grilled onions, porter and wild watercress
Loganberries, Ewe's milk yoghurt and Beremeal cake
Ice cream sandwich
CATEGORY: Seasonal English
DRINK: Muscat Sec 2010, Domaine Boudau, Rivesaltes
Cante Gau 2009, Domaine la Realtiere, Aix en Provence
St Garvais veilles vignes 2007, Eric Texier, Southern Rhone
Seduction 2007, Chateau u Jurque, Jurancon
WE THINK: A truly unique culinary experience, the concept behind Restaurants in Residence was created by Ben Rymer, who has taken over a disused office unit in the not so “steel, glass and soulless” part of Canary wharf… which is therefore unsurprisingly being torn down… to probably make space for more “steel, glass and soulless places”. Anyhow, the interior of this old late 80’s 90’s office unit makes the space a totally befitting environment (only through the mystical weirdness of Mr Rymer) for the exciting up and coming underground dining movement in London. The food is excellent and of the highest standard, whilst the service is incredibly perfect.
OUR TIP: Don’t drive as the wine list is great and the wine-pairing menu is a must.

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