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Monday, September 12, 2011

Not too crabby for Bmore

1/2 dozen steamed hard shells, corn on the cob served in hot dog holders
Salt and pepper in Corona bottles, necessary kitchen roll
As easy as pie
The aftermath
LOCATION: LP Steamers, 1100 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD
CATEGORY: Seafood, raw bar, crab house
DRINK: Yuengling draft, club soda
WE THINK: Great, simple spot for sampling Maryland-style crabs. The type of place you wouldn't be surprised to see Bunk drop by for a pile of hard-shells (except that he's a character in a TV show). We went for a between-lunch-and-dinner snack which consisted of half a dozen large (not 'jumbo') steamed blue crabs and a couple of the best corn on the cob we've ever had--all served with melted butter in plastic cups. Our branded LP Steamers hammers were great for cracking open the crab claws, though the shells were relatively soft and the meat so fresh and tender we could pretty much pull everything apart in nice, juicy chunks without using tools. We remembered to suck all the delicious meat (not lungs) out from the crab bodies, getting Old Bay-and-salt seasoning all over our lips and fingers for extra effect.