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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lots of blood, bones and butter at Prune

Serrano ham, fresh figs and pistachio nuts
Beets, beet greens, spring onion and aioli
White anchovies with almonds and onions
Radicchio, endive and lettuce salad
with crumbled Valdeon cheese and boiled egg
Roasted marrow bone, parsley salad, sea salt
Grilled head-on shrimp with anchovy butter
Baby lettuces and herbs salad
Grilled (enormous) pork chop with warm cabbage and apple slaw
Grilled (enormous) rib-eye
Roasted duck breast with dandelion greens in raisin-caper dressing
Roasted cauliflower with fried capers and aioli
String beans with chili and mint
Whole grilled Branzino with fennel oil and gros sel
Braised pumpkin in cinnamon
Calvados omelette
Glazed figs
Fromager d'Affinois with honey, candied pecans and apples
Bitter chocolate Pot de Creme
Candied pumpkin and sugared "hay" with Greek yoghurt and honey
The tiny restaurant
LOCATION: Prune, 54 East 1st Street, New York
CATEGORY: Noveau American, farm to table
DRINK: Lots of wine and champagne, chosen by the chef. We drank too much and forgot to write down the names.
WE THINK: Very delicious and uncomplicated food made from great produce, served in a tiny, cozy and unpretentious bistro-style restaurant by very friendly waiters. Also: very heavy food that makes you hate yourself after eating too much of it. Which, of course, we did. The creamy bone marrow alone was enough to make our hearts stop for a few seconds--just in time for our brick-sized pork chop and brick-sized bloody rib-eye. Our dinner seemed to fit well with the title of executive chef, Gabrielle Hamilton's critically acclaimed memoir, "Blood, Bones & Butter", which we want to read. Sometimes, this type of gross food overindulgence is a fun and enjoyable necessity. On this occasion it was paired with an overindulgence of wine which made us forget time and place (and to note down the names of the wines). Favourites this evening, as far as we recall, were the beets, snails and of course the grilled and roasted meats! We will soon be back for another visit - next time weekend brunch.

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