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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Familiar yet not...

Right place at the right time
Pastis to make room for the feast
Brunswick bread and yummy butter
PĂ©talos Bierzo 2009
Rare roast topside & horse raddish
Potted bass cheeks
Romanesco, preserved lemon & Berkswell
Carrots, goat's curd, radicchio & sesame
Beef shin, girolles & white beans
Mussels, cider & wild watercress
Quince & almond tart
Stichelton & oatcakes
Dining room / show room

LOCATION: Brunswick House Cafe, Vauxhall, London
CATEGORY: English, Heritage
DRINK: Petalos Bierzo 2009, Spain
WE THINK: The way overdue visit to Brunswick house cafe didn't disappoint! Having heard lots about the concept, it was still a mind buggering first impression when entering the dining room. With all the interior for sale, as it is used as an antiques store room, the vibe of the room couldn't have been created otherwise... The only downside is that your mind and eyes are flying around the ever stimulating items which distracts ever so slightly from the yummy food! The combination of great rustic cooking with quirky produce makes the experience familiar yet not... Terrible contradiction but hopefully makes sense.
OUR TIP: Ask the sommelier for wine tips as their wine list has a few surprises...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

X marks the spot!

3 x Bacon Cheese + 2 x Chilli Cheese
Fries and Slaw
Painted interior
LOCATION: MEATliquor, 74 Welbeck Street, London W1G 0BA
CATEGORY: Diner Grill
DRINK: Meantime London Lager
WE THINK: A surprising and explosive/excessive (meaning it's size and decor) move to finally give all Londoners - and beyond - an opportunity to effortlessly enjoy the "best Burger in town" (as many would claim). The space is rather large with capacity to seat many fans of the well known "Meatwagon burger", which has over the years seen us chase it's steel bum around town for it's TASTY reward like a culinary treasure hunt! Now, what do we really think of this fairly hidden secret being told to everyone...? Well, the more people there are to enjoy it's reward surely the better... Oh! and the food... In true IEATEVERYWHERE tradition, LOT'S were ordered for a party of few... Old favourites such as the Bacon Cheese and Chilli Cheese didn't disappoint, with obvious sides of Fries and Slaw being a great combo. For the rest of the menu, well... we have to go back! and the hunt starts with X marking the spot! 74 Welbeck Street that is...