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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vive la Revolution!

Cheese puffs
'Shot' of king prawn ceviche
Baked clams
Mackerel with lime pulp and cauliflower
Squid with horseradish and greens
Yellow plaice with jerusalem artichokes, kumquat and chanterelles
Beef, herring and pickles
Cheese of the day
Endives, oranges and olive

Chocolate and celery

LOCATION: Le Chateaubriand, 129 Ave Parmentier, Paris, 75011
CATEGORY: Nouveau French 
DRINK: Champagne: "Blanc D'Argile", Vouette et Sorbée, extra brut
White: 2008 Saint-Romain "Clos de Cerisier", Domaine Chassorney
Red: 2008 Saint-Romain "Sous Roche", Domaine Chassorney
WE THINK: Don't let the name or the concept of prix fixe fool you… this is not an ordinary French steak’n’frites joint… From delicious fresh lime pulp accompanying mackerel, to delicate extraction of pumpkin in clear broth casually named ‘pumpkin soup’, this outfit is a valid contestant to any ‘taster menu’ at any Michelin starred establishment. This restaurant is a perfect interpretation of how a modern French eatery should be, upholding traditional values of carefully selected wines and brilliantly cooked food with modern overtones and presentation. Located in a city known for its people’s arrogance and snobbishness, the friendly staff of Le Chataubriand are charming and when asked: “excuse me moi, parlie-vou englaise?” it’s no surprise the answer is “I’ll do my best”. This is something damn revolutionary and can only be described as ‘Modernity’ in a city like Paris. Vive la Revolution!
Our tip: Go to Paris!

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