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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Calamari on roller skates (and Torrisi sandwiches)

A happy calamari on roller skates
Pizza knots
Garlic bread deluxe (far left) and calamari with dipping sauces
Garlic bread deluxe
Brussels sprouts
Meatball parm roll
"Saratoga Club"
Takeout counter and bar in front, seating in back
Parm, next door to Torrisi Italian Specialties
LOCATION: Parm, 248 Mulberry Street, New York
CATEGORY: Italian-American, fast food
DRINK: Sparkling water
WE THINK: Parm is the newly opened younger sibling of next-door Torrisi Italian Specialties and has taken over what used to be Torrisi's lunch menu. Torrisi now no longer serves their delicious sandwiches and instead focuses on grown-up, more expensive prix fixe food including a full tasting menu in the evening, which we want to try one day when we have patience to wait 90 minutes for a table (no reservations taken). We had already tried the famed turkey sandwich and chicken parmesan sandwich at Torrisi so we wanted to try some of the new additions, such as the "Saratoga club" sandwich (chicken salad, crispy bacon and potato chips) and the meatball parm (which we decided to get as a roll which is slightly smaller than the regular "hero" sandwich). They were both pretty delicious but too filling to fully appreciate after our over-indulgence of bready, doughy starters, the best of which were the super yummy calamari with fried chili peppers! If what the sign says is true, we want to eat Parm's calamari every day.

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