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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lunching with the cool kids

Beans and anchovies on toast
Spinach soup with poached egg

Duck, potato and watercress
Sprats and tartare sauce

Lemon sole, capers and parsley, before...
....and after
Side of Brussel tops

The restaurant in the courtyard of the Rochelle School studios
LOCATION: Rochelle Canteen, Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London
CATEGORY: British, nose to tail, farm to table
DRINK: Jug of lime and elderflower
WE THINK: Wedged between a couple of fashion show producers and three hipster wine tasters equipped with tasting charts, we were so crammed it felt like we were sat on a Ryanair plane. We asked to move to a slightly bigger table, which we shared with a Mexican artist in deep conversation with an LA-based art PR lady and a couple of fashion designers. Seconds later, two busy-looking people from Frieze, one of the tenants from the next-door Rochelle School Studios, were directed to our previous seats--now the last available in the restaurant--which they begrudgingly squeezed into. It gets busy during lunch hours at Rochelle Canteen! After all, East London's 'creatives' need to eat!! And with tasty food that changes daily and comes at very reasonable prices, where better to eat than here? Besides, here the 'creatives' can feel at ease, knowing that interesting and culturally relevant conversations are being had at every single table. We sat in fascinated silence and enjoyed our food while eavesdropping. We were surprised by how sizable the starters turned out to be, and ended up way too full to finish our delicious lemon sole, let alone the caramelized apple tart which we had to cancel. Favourites were the duck salad, the delicious spinach soup and the lemon sole. The beans on toast were also decent, but the sprats were a little boring despite their enticing appearance. The service was impeccable. We'll definitely return to Rochelle Canteen in the summer when we can sit outside in the courtyard and catch up on recent developments in the Chinese art scene etc.

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  1. Yummy yummy yummy. You went on a very good day!


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