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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thai breakfast and delicious coffee in Melbourne

Roti with satay sauce
Young coconut juice
Thai-style omelette on multigrain with chicken and Sriracha sauce
Kang Prik Gra Dook Moo
Slow cooked pork ribs curry with potato, green beans and kaffir lime leaves
LOCATION: Middle Fish, 122-128 Berkeley Street, Carlton, Melbourne
CATEGORY: Thai, coffee, brunch/breakfast
DRINK: Young coconut juice, coffee
WE THINK: We ended up at Middle Fish because the wait at next-door coffee and breakfast favourite, Seven Seeds, was too long.  Good thing the coffee at Middle Fish is very delicious.  As an added bonus, Middle Fish serves Thai breakfast!  We had a really satisfying, slightly crispy and zingy omelette with Sriracha and coriander, served on toasted wholegrain, and a very tasty satay sauce to dip warm, toasted roti in.  We also ordered a spicy pork rib curry from the lunch menu and a refreshing young coconut juice which was served in a tin bucket.  Next time we'll head here before checking the wait at Seven Seeds.

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