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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Viking invasion in New York

"90 Wythe"
Cucumber infused tequila, mint, lime, cinnamon agave, rhubarb bitters
Trout skin with dill and herring roe
Periwinkle with kohlrabi, yoghurt and oyster cream
"Kinfolk Daily Collins"
Beefeater Gin and bartender's choice of fruits and bitters
Scallop with ramp, cabbage and seaweed
Cod and sprat with potato and wild spinach
Black seal rum, Demarara, citrus, pomegranate and Absinthe
Tea braised pork belly with smoked onion puree, thyme, pickled onions and carrot
Beef with parsnips, wild garlic, garlic mustard and beer sauce
Chamomile parfait with merrengue, carrot and sea-buckthorn
LOCATION: Frej at Kinfolk Studios, 90 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
CATEGORY: Scandinavian, New Nordic, Farm-to-table
DRINK: Cocktails and sparkling water
WE THINK: At $45 for a 5-course+ tasting menu, this is surely one of the best deals to be found in New York at the moment. Frej, which is a pop-up restaurant at Kinfolk Studios (open only Monday-Wednesday), is the latest of the Viking invaders in the New York food scene. Inspired by the locavore approach of Noma and the "New Nordic" cuisine, Frej uses seasonal ingredients from New York and the surrounding area to make delicious and delicate plates of food with flavours that instantly transport you to Scandinavia. We loved the food--very delicate texture and flavour combinations--especially the tea braised pork belly (a little bonus which wasn't actually on the menu) and the perriwinkle and cod dishes. The 90 Wythe cocktail was a very delicious companion. We would love to go back tomorrow unfortunately they are booked several months into the future. Get on the phones now!