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Monday, November 5, 2012

Late night ramen in Tokyo

The vending machine where you order and pay for the ramen
Ticket and change
Ca. US$10 for a bowl of ramen
Afuri yuzu shio ramen with grilled chasu pork, egg, seaweed and mizuna
Afuri yuzu ramen with chili
View from our seat at the counter
View from outside
LOCATION: Afuri ramen, 117 Bldg. 1F, 1-1-7 Ebisu-Minami Sibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
CATEGORY: Ramen noodles, Japanese
DRINK: nothing
WE THINK: We might have found the perfect place to eat after a night out in Tokyo! Not only is Afuri ramen in Ebisu open till 4am, it also serves some of our favourite ramen. A new-ish spot in Tokyo with branches in several locations, Afuri is already well-known for their shio ramen to which they add fresh yuzu, one of our most beloved flavours of all flavours--and it does wonders in Afuri's chicken-based stock with fish, konbu and fatty grilled chashu pork. What a good idea. We went recently, just before closing, delirious from a few too many Oolong-hi and Tantakatan. We ate our ramen in joyful silence, our ears still ringing from the night, while watching surf videos on the tv in the corner. Our enthusiasm for Afuri ramen was definitely amplified in our inebriated state, but we are pretty sure we'd be very excited sober as well.

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