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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

They're killing it at Kadeau in Copenhagen

What we drank.
Small edible delicious things (we forget what they were)
Some more small edible delicious things
Some more small edible things
And some more small edible things
Some bread and butter
Squid, oysters, radish, apple, dried herbs
Burnt scallop, kale, hazel, fermented pea juice, cucumber
Cod, cabbages, burnt butter, whey, green strawberries, whitefish roe
Raw beef, dried beetroot, beach rose, marrow
Creamy cereal grains, egg yolk, mushrooms, parsley, pickled rhubarb
Something delicious which we've forgotten...
Lamb, salsify, gherkins, verbena, pear, smoked butter
Apple, browned butter, walnut, honey
Wild blueberries, tea made from blueberry marmelade, sour milk, cream, woodruff
Petit fours (chocolates)

LOCATION: Kadeau København, Wildersgade 10A, Copenhagen, Denmark
CATEGORY: Danish, Nordic, gourmet, fine dining, tasting menu
DRINK: Too much. See wines above.
WE THINK:  It's been a while since we had this phenomenal meal at Kadeau. It was the opening night of their new restaurant in Christianshavn in Copenhagen, which embarassingly was 6 months ago! Ugh. But we still remember most/some of it vividly, despite the large quantities of natural wine we consumed, and we think it would be wrong not to share our underexposed, shitty iPhone photos from the night. Kadeau, which originally started as a beach restaurant on the remote and tiny Danish island of Bornholm, is run by guys who all hail from Bornholm and wish to spread their love of the local produce available on the island and in the waters around it. According to Kadeau's website, "the fish, the meats, the eggs, the dairy products, the honey, the flour, the oil, and the beer will always be from Bornholm". So there! Very modern Nordic. Paying homage to the violent reputation of the people from Bornholm and their propensity for getting into fist fights, the tasting menu at Kadeau is called "Bornholmerbank"--something equivalent to "a Bornholm beat-down"--and the dinner kind of felt that way, with the large amounts of food and wine we had...but a really enjoyable sort of beating. This place is awesome. We can't wait to go back and can't recommend it enough. Also try Kadeau's younger brother, the tiny Pony on Vesterbrogade, which is killing it.

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